Friday, June 22, 2012

Fibromyagia-Less Stress With a Healthy Diet

The way to reverse fibromyalgia is to get healthy! Traditional medicine and drug therapy doesn't work. Drugs don't make healthy. Changing your diet, moving away from overly processed nutrient depleted foods will help restore your optimal health. Will eating healthy reverse your fibro symptoms in a week or two? No it won't. This is why I recommend nutraceuticals or high doses of certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other natural supplements to restore the damage stress, fibro, drugs, and poor health has caused.

However eating a healthy diet will begin to take the stress off of your already stressed out fibromyalgia assaulted body. Stress is the catalyst for fibromyalgia and anything you can do to lower your intake of stress and build up both your stress coping chemicals and resistance,  the better.

• A healthy diet is based on fresh, unprocessed plants (fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds) which can be made into a variety of delicious recipes (raw food chefs are especially good at this craft).

• Minimizes consumption of meat or animal products (including dairy)-a little goes a long way, moderation is the key.

• Avoid virtually all processed, manufactured foods and beverages, or only uses them sparingly. Soda pop isn’t a food-it’s a liquid health hazard. Less is best. Eat real food.

• Consists of a wide variety of different foods so that phytonutrient diversity is high, providing consumers with a steady supply of plant-based medicine that prevents disease.

Phytonutrients are the active  health enhancing chemicals found in fruits and vegetables.

• Includes substantial time outdoors, in nature, where vitamin D can be created and stored in the body.

• Minimizes or eliminates all refined sugars and carbohydrates (like white flour). Avoid white foods-sugar, white bread, and white potatoes.

• Eliminates GMOs from the food supply in order to avoid the health damage caused by GM foods.

• Minimizes consumption of foods sprayed with chemical pesticides or fungicides. This not only helps prevent disease caused by such chemicals; it also protects the environment from chemical contamination. Try to eat as much organic food as possible.

• Stay hydrated drink plenty of clean water (while avoiding dubious liquids such as sodas and sports drinks). Our bodies are 75% water. I recommend drinking half your weight in water each day.

• Take nutritional supplements to correct nutritional imbalances or deficiencies. Everyone should be taking a good optimal daily allowance multivitamin on a daily basis-this includes your children.

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